What is PRO club?

PRO club is Panasonic’s way of allowing us to offer you the consumer the best warranty and piece of mind. All Our Panasonic air conditioning and Air to Water Heat pump installations offer 7 Year warranty in line with other leading air conditioning manufacturers.

This warranty applies to :

  • VRF Air Conditioning systems
  • Split heat pump Air conditioning systems, commercial and domestic
  • Air to water heat pumps, BI-Bloc, Mono Bloc and all in one systems

This is supplied to you the client at no extra cost. All the client must do is have Hansa carry out annual maintenance on the systems.

What does PRO club mean for Hansa?

Pro club means all our engineers are fully trained to the manufacturers highest standards. Our engineers have to go on regular training courses to ensure they are competent in the new technology and installation practices required on Panasonic Air conditioning and Air to water heat pumps.

Call or email today to discuss your new air conditioning or heat pump installation with a 7 year warranty.